Introducing The Fruitery

The Fruitery is a new prepared fruit facility, taking advantage of the fruit available directly from Chambers’ farms and overseas growers and partners.  Located at Chambers’ head-quarters The Fruitery provides customers with fresh, ready-to-eat premium quality berry medley pots.

Why choose The Fruitery?

As part of Chambers, a leading UK independent fruit grower, The Fruitery berries are prepared in a new state-of-the-art high-care packhouse located on the farm.  The Fruitery offers a unique field to fork proposition, selecting only the very best berries of the day.  With the benefit of a lean supply chain and stringent quality control checks each pot delivers a premium product.

Year-round availability of berries

Chambers' farms over 400 hectares in the UK, in addition to establishing growing partnerships across the globe, to extend production outside of the domestic growing season.

Traceability of fruit

Sourced direct from the farms ensures a shortened supply chain, reduced food miles and 100% traceability and provenance.

Shorter supply chain = fresher fruit

Berries have a short shelf-life, however using our existing supply chain expertise, we are in a position to be able to guarantee a leaner supply chain and fresher fruit.  With shorter lead times and a simple and efficient system we can offer a robust service to both the catering and retail markets.

The Range

From launch, The Fruitery will be producing a variety of berry medleys pots. Each medley will be available in a range of pack sizes.  Please contact The Fruitery to discuss any product requirements.

View the range