Why choose The Fruitery?

The Fruitery berries are prepared in a new state-of-the-art high-care facility located on the farm. The Fruitery offers a unique field to fork proposition, selecting only the very best berries of the day. With the benefit of a lean supply chain and stringent quality control checks, each pot delivers a premium product.

Our shorter supply chain = longer shelf life & fresher fruit

The Fruitery Expands

In February 2020, The Fruitery expanded its business to include the supply of branded fresh fruit and medley pots for the foodservice, retail and culinary trade sectors, alongside the original white label offering. The Fruitery now operates as three divisions: The Fruitery Fresh (wholehead), The Fruitery Prepared (ready-to-eat, pre-cut) and the original The Fruitery White Label.

Looking for the freshest punnet? The pick of the best crop unprepared and straight from the fields? Then The Fruitery Fresh will delivery the best pick of the day to you fresh from the farm.

The freshest, finest berries and fruit prepared in our state of the art, high-care facility. The Fruitery pots undergo stringent quality control checks to deliver a premium product.

Love our prepared fruit pots but wishing to offer them to your customers under your own brand, or looking for a specific type of pot, fruit combination or size? Then the bespoke White Label service is perfect for you. All the quality and premium service of our prepared pots under your own name.

Solving the problem

For the buyer:
Shortened supply chain
Extended shelf life
100% traceability
Assured provenance
Reduced food miles
Unbroken cool chain
For the consumer:
Farm fresh berries
Nutritional powerhouse
Healthy low-calorie snack
Compliant with 5-a-day
Great source of fibre

Year-round availability of berries

Chambers’ farms over 400 hectares in the UK, in addition to establishing growing partnerships across the globe, to extend production outside of the domestic growing season.

Traceability of fruit

Sourced direct from the farms ensures a shortened supply chain, reduced food miles and 100% traceability and provenance.